Security Door Installation

Security Door Installation

Do you worry about thieves gaining access to your property? Do you feel safe and secure at night? A security door can make all of the difference, call now and get your new security door installed today.

Security doors are extremely important in the battle against burglaries – especially today. Normal locks can be picked, or broken easily, standard doors can be broken down and hinges destroyed if enough force is used. A reinforced frame makes your door extremely resistant to foreign forces and reinforced locks prevent thieves from snapping the lock while reinforced hinges prevent thieves from kicking down the door.

If the security of your home is important to you then a security door is a must for you and your family. At YY Security we will examine your home or office and give you recommendations on what type of security door to choose, based on our analysis. After you are happy with your choice, we will install and test the new door, instructing you on how to use, lock and unlock the door properly.

Remember, that doors without windows are much more secure. Reinforced steel can’t be broken easily, whereas glass can.

On occasion, we will have to change the frame as well as the door. If this is the case, we will explain the reasons behind the change of frame and a number of options will also be presented to you.

Once the door has been fitted you need to be a little more careful with the keys that we provide for you. Security doors with secure locks have special keys that can’t be replicated, take great care when giving someone a key. If you have been a victim of a break in or vandalism and you need your house or business urgently secured, call us, we can fix any damage caused to a door or frame and if required we can replace the door or frame straight away.

After our analysis, you get to choose the type of door, frame and how many keys you want. Then, you can review the entire process and the price – There are no hidden fees included and we keep you informed from start to finish.

Many insurance companies require that your front door meets a certain security rating. That is one of many reasons why you should install your new security door from YY Security today. It’s not a good idea to wait until a thief breaks into your house or office. Get safe today with YY Security.

YY Security – when you need us, we’ll be there.

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